What 6 ‘Vikings’ actors are currently doing

The “Vikings” series became one of History’s most successful productions. It tells the story of a Viking leader named Ragnar Lothbrok who, due to his courage and determination, finds new lands for his people.

He becomes king and one of the most feared men of his age. Much of the plot is based on the Norse Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok written by the Danish chronicler Saxon Gramaticus.

The series won a total of six seasons and a spin-off called “Vikings: Valhalla🇧🇷 It takes place 100 years after Ragnar and his heirs and shows the audience the end of the Viking Age, a time when paganism lost ground to Christianity and several remaining Vikings began to believe in one God.

After production ended, the main cast became involved in new projects. Next we will show what the actors of the series are currently doing.

1 – Alyssa Sutherland

Photo – Playback/Instagram

The Australian actress and model played the role of Aslaug, second wife of Ragnar Lothbrok. Born in Brisbane, Australia, the star is currently 40 years old.

During her career as a model she modeled and photographed for famous brands such as Vogue Australia. Alyssa will be one of the characters in the upcoming movie called “Evil Dead Rise”.

It will be directed by Lee Cronin and is the fifth installment in the blockbuster “Evil Dead” franchise. In addition to Alyssa, it also stars Lily Sullivan, Gabrielle Echols, Morgan Davies and Nell Fisher.


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