what to expect from the new Nubank account?

Considered one of the most popular banks in Brazil, Nubank has been conquering its space in other Latin American countries. In 2019, fintech landed on Mexican soil, announcing the availability of the credit card the following year. Now customers in Mexico will also have another novelty: Cuenta Nu.

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According to the team behind roxinho, Cuenta Nu will be gradually made available to Mexican users and members of the Naked Community🇧🇷 On the other hand, users who have already been interested in opening a fintech account can simply put their names on the service’s waiting list.

As in Brazil, Nubank’s current account in Mexico will also work 100% digitally, with daily income and immediate liquidity for the money available. In addition, fintech will also provide 24/7 service, offering all the necessary support for the implementation.

Debit card will also be available

With the arrival of Cuenta Nu, the debit card will also be made available to fintech customers in the country. In this way, as in the case of credit card, the bank will also offer the physical and virtual version of it. The virtual version is designed to increase consumers’ safety when shopping online.

The debit function will be released gradually. Therefore, some customers will receive access to the novelty before others, however the prediction is that all users will make use of the new modality very soon.

According to data released by Nubank, fintech has more than 3 million customers in the Mexico🇧🇷 Thus, the expectation is that the number of users will grow even more from the news released.

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