Why is Mbappé ‘boycotting’ World Cup sponsor beer?

the striker Kylian Mbappe is one of the highlights of 2022 World Cup🇧🇷 With three goals in three matches, the PSG is one of the top scorers in the competition and has been leading the current champion and one of the favorites for the title, France🇧🇷 With outstanding performances, the PSG player piles up individual achievements. In all, he has already won two “Man of The Match”, award given to the best player in a World Cup match.

The consecration of French, however, draws attention for another reason. When posing for the official photo of the best player of the match trophy, Mbappé hides the beer brand “Budweiser”, one of the official sponsors of the tournament and which gives its name to the award.

After winning the prize "Man Of The Match" of the match between France and Denmark, Kylian Mbappé poses for the official Budweiser photo.
After winning the “Man Of The Match” award for the match between France and Denmark, Kylian Mbappé poses for the official Budweiser photo.

If in the photo of all the other players who have already won the award in Qatar, the name “Budweiser” can be seen at the foot of the trophy, the French national team striker seems to turn the object so that it is only possible to read the inscription “Man Of The Match”. He did this on the two occasions he won.

Throughout his career, Mbappé has refused to promote brands that promote unhealthy lifestyles, such as fast food chains, sports betting companies and alcoholic beverages. The Budweiser boycott, then, is a form of image control carried out by the French and their staff and a way of being a “good example” for the public, especially for children and adolescents.

This, however, is not the only protocol that the striker has been breaking in the World Cup. When winning the player of the match award, it is standard for the winner to be interviewed by the press. Mbappé, however, did not grant interviews on the two occasions he won the trophy.

According to the French press, the decision is due to the fact that the player does not want to be asked about his future at PSG. He avoids questions that could destabilize France’s dressing room at the moment. The French Football Federation not only supports the boycott of its main star, but also agrees to pay FIFA’s fines over Mbappé’s refusal to speak to journalists.

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