‘Zero shame. More has already appeared, the edition cuts’

Nicolas Prattes dedicated his precious lunch break to this interview for Canal. Thrilled with the success of Diego, one of the most acclaimed characters in “All the Flowers”, the actor divides himself between his personal life, physical activities, many hours of recording and promotion of other works (such as the film “Pronto, I spoke”, which opens next Thursday in theaters). All this without taking your mind off the work of João Emanuel Carneiro. So much so that the flowers in the title of the novel even ended up on Nicolas’s clothes in the rehearsal for this report. The return of so much dedication arrives for the 25-year-old, who started on TV when he was only 3 in “Terra nostra”.

— I had never received so much affection so quickly — says the man from Niteroi, who on social networks often shares the messages he receives, thanking him for the compliments.

Nicolas Prattes Photo: Photos: Gabriel Farhat | Stylist: Paulo Zelenka | Makeup: Aline Zelenka

In the plot, original for Globoplay, it seems that nothing is so bad in Diego’s life that it can’t get worse. And, despite having been intensely prepared to experience episodes such as eviction, theft, an unfair arrest and more dense situations in fiction, Nicolas’s own message box works as a laboratory for the work and reinforces something that the actor himself usually punctuates. :

— I see a lot of people say: “This happens every day”, “I’ve been through this”, about eviction, for example. I’ve received a lot of messages like this, from people who identified themselves. And I always answer because it’s a very intimate thing for the person, right?

The actor confesses that he has never lived through the extreme situations that Diego goes through, but that is exactly what enchanted him in the role.

— The further away, the better, because the challenge becomes greater — he explains, pointing out that, however, there is a strong feature in the history of both that unites them: — The family base. Just like him, I also do everything I can for my family. We approach in this lovingness, in respect for those who created us.

Dequinha (Kelzy Ecard), Diego (Nicolas Prattes), Biel (Rodrigo Vidal) and Jessica (Duda Batsow)
Dequinha (Kelzy Ecard), Diego (Nicolas Prattes), Biel (Rodrigo Vidal) and Jéssica (Duda Batsow) Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

Like Diego, Nicolas has younger brothers. Sisters, actually: two on the father’s side and one on the mother’s side. And he found strength in the family union to face a great loss in the last year, his maternal grandmother, Dona Maria:

— Whenever a person very close like that passes away, it is the union that makes the strength. This even strengthens us later. These are moments that make us mature, and Diego is full of them. And I’m not just talking about what you’ve seen so far. In the second phase (scheduled for the first half of 2023), there is at least three times more tension, action and twists than the first, which ends now in December. It will be high voltage.

After taking so many blows in life, having himself and his family wronged, what Diego seeks is revenge. Its interpreter, however, prefers to see things more as learning than suffering, no matter how difficult the situation.

— Because Diego was raised with so much love and honesty, it makes him naive to the real world. I believe that we do have to be disappointed with some people to understand a little more of the defense mechanisms we need in life, even for the sake of mental health and survival — says Nicolas, who, by putting himself in his place of the character, he says: — If someone did that to my family, I certainly wouldn’t forget either.

Nicolas Prattes
Nicolas Prattes Photo: Photos: Gabriel Farhat | Stylist: Paulo Zelenka | Makeup: Aline Zelenka

no shame

To carry out the revenge that consumes him, Diego goes along with Samsa (Ângelo Antônio) and embraces the idea of ​​seducing the women in the life of his tormentor, Luis Felipe (Cássio Gabus Mendes). In addition to kissing Joy (Yara Charry), the rich man’s daughter, in prison, the boy also gets involved and even has sex several times with Lila (Naruna Costa), the young woman’s mother and the wife of the heir to Rhodes. Behind the camera, the hottest scenes don’t intimidate Nicolas.

— It’s peaceful, almost a dance, a choreography. And in the end it looks beautiful. Of course, you need to have a conversation with both the directors and the crew and cast. Carlos Araújo, our director, held some meetings for us to feel safe, he also opened up for suggestions about the scene, something we wanted to improvise… So that we could talk beforehand and keep everything and everyone on the same line. After so many conversations, when he arrived to record, we were already calm – reports.

Despite this being his first job alongside his co-stars, the actor says that the intimacy between them came naturally and from the first contact.

Diego (Nicolas Prattes) and Lila (Naruna Costa)
Diego (Nicolas Prattes) and Lila (Naruna Costa) Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay

— I got along well right away, both with Naruna and Yara… And with the others too, but I can’t give spoilers — he says, praising: — I’m a lucky guy. Good partnerships make the scene, I don’t do it alone. I need someone there with me giving me the ball, and they do it brilliantly, they help me, and I learn a lot from each one.

In addition to the sequences with his colleagues, Nicolas has already starred in some moments of nudity in “Todas as flores”, such as Diego’s first bath at Samsa’s house after leaving prison. The repercussion of the butt on social networks also does not embarrass him:

“Zero shame. In fact, much more has already appeared, it’s just that the editing cuts (laughs). Every scene has a why. It’s not nudity for nudity’s sake, for free. And, when we are making the character, there are no limits. I, for one, like to imagine myself in free fall in that role. I don’t think about leaning on anything, being shy. I like to surrender.

Diego (Nicolas Prattes)
Diego (Nicolas Prattes) Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay

While in the soap opera Diego uses his weapons to win over mother and daughter, in real life, the actor has no recipe when it comes to flirting:

— I’m a Taurus, when I fall in love it’s for real, and things happen naturally. I like to be romantic, I consider myself at least. I prepare breakfast, leave a note there… But there is no specific method.

Having often received the title of heartthrob, he is not the type to be dazzled:

“I’m very down to earth. Very hard to believe everything they say. I can say that I’m fine with myself, and that’s it. But, of course, I’m not going to be a hypocrite. We like to praise as much as we like to be praised.

To keep his body, as well as his health, Nicolas resorts to sports (he has already practiced running, surfing, football, boxing…), he says that he does not follow a specific diet and that he inherited healthy habits from childhood.

— I like to stay active because I’m talking about my work tool. An actor is body and voice, so we always have to be in shape. Despite being a little hoarse now because of the Brazil game (laughs) — he says, happy after the victory of the Brazilian team in the opening of the World Cup in Qatar.

Nicolas Prattes
Nicolas Prattes Photo: Photos: Gabriel Farhat | Stylist: Paulo Zelenka | Makeup: Aline Zelenka

Where do you find peace

While going through the ups and downs in “All the Flowers”, it is in his personal life that Nicolas finds the lightness he needs to compensate for so much suffering and depth in fiction. A filled heart helps you to be at peace. About seven months ago, the man from Rio started dating dentist Luiza Caldi.

— We’re happy — he says, who lives, for the time being, the romance on a Rio-São Paulo airlift: — When I can stay a little longer there, I stay. When you can stay here longer, she stays too. And we do this juggling. Who wants to figure it out, right?!

With such success and repercussion of the character, Nicolas guarantees that in their relationship there is no room for jealousy:

— In fact, it’s the opposite, she’s very happy. What you really want is for them to talk because it’s a partnership, we root for each other a lot. This brings a solidity to the relationship that is very special.

Nicolas Prattes and Luiza Caldi
Nicolas Prattes and Luiza Caldi Photo: Playback/Instagram

The dream of forming your own family is on the wish list, but it’s not necessarily something that’s about to happen. He explains:

— I can’t say it’s a priority right now, but it’s part of the plans. If I can be 1% for my son or daughter of what my parents were for me, I will already be happy and fulfilled.

Nicolas is also in the cast of the series “Musa Música”, by Globoplay, and “Rio Connection”, a partnership between Globo, Floresta and Sony (both scheduled for 2023), in addition to starring in the film “Pronto, I spoke” and standing out in “All the flowers”. Last month, one of the soap opera’s sets caught fire in the scenographic city, at Estúdios Globo, and, fortunately, no one was injured.

— It was something that, for me, was a miracle from God. We really spend ten hours a day recording and that was during the seven minutes when there was no one, it was empty, we were having lunch. No one needed to run, desperate – he says.

In addition to the acting show, after having had the greatest success as the little monster runner-up in “The masked singer Brasil”, would there perhaps be a musical career ahead?

— Only in the shower (laughs) — he guarantees.

Photos: Gabriel Farhat

Stylist: Paulo Zelenka

Makeup: Aline Zelenka

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