Zöe Kravitz to Star in and Produce Thriller About Bank Robbers

THE Warner Bros. will be the home of The Sundance Kid Might Have Some Regretsa film produced by and starring Zoë Kravitz that adapts a story of Leyna Krow (via The Hollywood Reporter🇧🇷

The film, also written by the author, is described as a redefinition of heist cinema, with a story centered on two burglar twins; one with supernatural powers and the other without. Maggie is the brains as well as the brawn of the operation, with telekinesis, super strength, fluency in multiple languages. The narrator of the story will be her twin, who acts as the face of the operation. This character follows Maggie through all of her decisions, but when things go wrong, she starts to rethink the lives they both lead.

There is still no further information about The Sundance Kid Might Have Some Regrets🇧🇷

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