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Later The fathersuccess of Florian Zeller The son it was easily one of the most anticipated movies of 2022 and it’s finally out. The film follows a successful lawyer looking to connect with his teenage son from another marriage, whose erratic behavior is beginning to worry everyone around him.

Hugh Jackman takes on the lead role as his fans joke about a potential Oscar nomination. The actor is known for playing an iconic version of Wolverine in several X-Men films, but Jackman has also proven more than once that he can choose any dramatic role.

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Chappie (2015)

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Hugh Jackman's Chappie threatening someone

thr3lilbirds states: “I thought Chappie it was good (bonus Hugh swings a mullet).” Chappie takes place in a dystopian future patrolled by a mechanized police force. When a police droid is stolen and reprogrammed to think and feel for itself, it becomes the prime target of a dangerous conspiracy.

Chappie even reads like a loose Pinocchio adaptation because of the charming innocence of the robot; a great character who crosses the boundaries between human and machine. In the film, Hugh Jackman fulfills one of his few roles as a villain: a ruthless soldier who becomes a robot engineer with evil intentions.

Australia (2008)

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Nicole Kidman as Lady Sarah Ashley embracing Hugh Jackman as Drover in Australia (2008)

By mastyrwerkeles believe fans need to see Australia “If you haven’t already.” Hugh Jackman hasn’t been in many romance movies, but his chemistry with Nicole Kidman in Australia it’s charming and easy to believe. The film is set in northern Australia just before the outbreak of World War II, following an aristocratic woman who joins forces with a cattleman to herd over 2,000 head of cattle through inhospitable landscapes and the ruins of an escalating conflict.

The film offers just about everything a good film set in Australia needs, from great scenery to beautiful surrounding flora and fauna, as well as a beautiful tale of love in the challenging times of war.

Les Miserables (2012)

Available to stream on Netflix

Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean holds a young Cosette in Les Miserables

mologos states, “in my opinion, his best performance as an actor was in The miserable🇧🇷 You can see real acting and vocal talent.” Hugh Jackman plays the iconic Jean Valjean, a courageous man struggling to lead a normal life after being sentenced to 19 years in prison for stealing bread.

Though the film chronicles the lives of many characters, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway stand out for their breathtaking musical numbers, which encapsulate all the beauty and tragedy of the moving story. Jackman also seems to have great chemistry with Russell Crowe, with the two actors capturing a fierce and intense rivalry that has audiences on the edge of their seats.

Van Helsing (2004)

Available to stream on the Roku channel

Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing

Butt says, “I really liked Van Helsing even if no one else did.” The film revolves around the legendary monster slayer and brings together many classic horror monsters in his quest to overthrow Count Dracula once and for all.

Van Helsing it may not have aged well in terms of special effects, but it remains a certified fun ride from start to finish; an action piece filled with thrilling horror elements, not afraid to take risks. Most importantly, Hugh Jackman brings one of the most iconic characters of all time to life in a role people shouldn’t forget.

X2 (2003)

Available to stream on Disney+

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X2 X-Men United

X2 is arguably the first film that did justice to the X-Menbalancing the drama of each of the iconic characters, such as Wolverine, Storm, Jean Gray and Cyclops, with an engaging conspiracy plot that revolves around a growing anti-mutant movement.

A Redditor states, “it’s a good movie that corrects many of the first film’s problems (effects, writing, and even directing) and becomes vastly superior because of it.” X2 did a great job adapting the action sequences to each of the heroes’ distinct abilities, offering a unique set of combat scenes without losing their collective X-Men identity.

Royal Steel (2011)

Available to stream on HBO MAX

Charlie gets his robot in Real Steel

One of Hugh Jackman’s best feel-good films, genuine steel is an adventure story about frazzled fighter Charlie and the bond he develops with his estranged son after the two team up to rebuild and train their decaying robot for the boxing ring.

The film offers an underrated father-son duo who shun generic genres in favor of a compelling redemption arc. bgd76 says, “genuine steel it’s pretty good, it has a decent plot for all ages.” The film plays well with its PG rating to level the violence while still keeping the impact of the struggles on the two main characters’ relationship, seducing the classic. Rocky in many ways.

The Source (2006)

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Hugh Jackman in The Fountain 2006

The sourceThe main narrative follows Tommy, a man on an exhaustive search for a miracle drug after he discovers that his wife has cancer. However, the story spans three parallel stories that share the theme of mortality, all of which are led by powerful performances from Hugh Jackman.

WADE states, “He was amazing at The source🇧🇷 A full range of emotions.” When it comes to Darren Aronofsky, fans can expect literally anything, but The source pushed his genius to unimaginable extremes by playing with the fragility of life across different centuries, delivering unforgettable imagery and character-driven drama that will make viewers cry.

Prisoners (2013)

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When Keller’s daughter and her friends go missing, the troubled father decides to take justice into his own hands after the initial police investigation goes nowhere. prisoners is an intimate crime thriller that plays with viewers’ emotions with its slow-paced narrative, in which Jackman’s character is designed to vent all the anger and impatience the audience feels.

kutwijf says: “Great actor. Doubts? just watch prisoners🇧🇷 Jackman feels like a real parent channeling the frustration of possibly losing a child. Keller’s desperation, in contrast to Detective Loki’s cold and collected personality, adds to a feeling that something horrible is about to happen, building to a chilling ending.

Logan (2017)

Available to stream on Disney+

Hugh Jackman in Logan

logan it was the film that established Hugh Jackman as the only Wolverine of his generation. The film takes place in an inhospitable future, where an exhausted Logan leads a monotonous life alongside an ailing Professor X. he thinks right.

Unlike other Wolverine movies, logan doesn’t skimp on scenes that portray the character’s brutal reality, offering an emotional but violent redemption story. TheGrandeGeekDeus states, “great writing, fantastic acting, incredible emotional story, wonderful direction and a great send-off for the character.”

The Prestige (2006)

No streaming information available yet

Angier death scene

The prestige shows Christopher Nolan at his best, mixing science fiction and mystery in a shocking period thriller about illusionists. In the film, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are two rival magicians in an obsessive competition to outsmart one another, leading to dark consequences that defy what anyone has ever perceived as real.

A deleted user states: “I would definitely recommend ‘The Prestige.’ It’s a very surprising film that I won’t spoil describing.” The film takes many twists and turns and goes in unexpected directions, offering an in-depth look at the changing scene that came with the turn of the millennium.

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