3 silly mistakes that can expose your data online; stay tuned!

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Technology and the internet have become great allies of practicality and efficiency. We save our passwords, our bank details, our locations and we trust that we are completely safe. However, in order to gain advantage, there are many undercover scammers on the internet, who can expose our precious information to opportunistic people.

Therefore, in this post, we have listed some stuff that may weaken the security of your data🇧🇷 If you were curious to know how to escape these pitfalls, read this article in full.

Disguised as emails from large companies, premium links or links that lead to some supposed social help, users are often deceived and led to vulnerability without realizing it. So, here are four ways your information can be exposed and how to avoid it.

3 mistakes you must avoid in order not to expose your information online

Keep all your social media public

Most networks, such as Twitter and Instagram, offer the option to make a profile public or private. As a result, many people opt for public profiles, which, in general, have no problems. However, it also makes such people much more visible to prying eyes.

It’s much easier to hack someone when you know their routine, and that’s the big bad thing about open profiles. Therefore, we recommend that you be careful with what you post, avoid publications that expose documents or passwords and, later, consider depriving some accounts to avoid access by malicious actors.

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Freely grant access to applications

Some apps and websites that appear to help you, in reality, can end up hurting you. This is because, nowadays, accesses ask you for permission to view your data or use “cookies”.

Therefore, before accepting all proposals from a website or application, read them, check what they want to have access to and see if this does not put your saved data at stake or if it is not a loophole to send you a scam.

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Access public internet networks

I know, um open wifi it’s tempting; but these networks can become bait to invade the system of your cell phone or other electronic device, having access to all your information, such as passwords, banking information, photos, etc.

So, avoid connecting to these unknown networks, analyze the access location and, whenever possible, use your own internet package. You never know how secure an open Wi-Fi connection is.

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