Actress Keke Palmer reveals incredible photos as the mutant Rogue

A new film from X-Men has been awaited since 2019, when Fox was bought by Disney, which made the mutant rights finally return to Marvel Studios.


Yes, after 20 years of the X-Men under Fox’s creative control, the mutants will finally be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a film that so far still has no date to hit theaters.

For now, all the MCU has given us is a cameo from Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessis at Deadpool 3which will debut in 2024, will see the return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

For now, Marvel continues to bet on the old versions of the cinema, but there will come a time when the studio will need to choose new actors to interpret these mutants, and Keke Palmer already prepared.

The actress, who recently shone in the film No, Don’t Look!became an internet favorite to bring mutant to life vampirepreviously played by actress Anna Paquin in Fox films.

Keke Palmer liked the suggestion and is also running her own personal campaign to play Rogue in the X-Men movies. In your twitter, the actress revealed incredible photos characterized as the mutant. Check it out below:

Keke Palmer wants to be in the next X-Men movie.

Keke Palmer as Rogue. Keke Palmer would make a good Rogue in the next X-Men.

What did you think? Keep following the marvel’s legacy so you don’t miss any news!


You X-Men were the main characters to win successful films in the 2000s, starting a new era for superheroes. The X-Men universe at former Fox yielded 13 films, many hits and a significant impact for the genre.

Between them, we had two generations of the most famous team of mutants. Like the derivatives of Deadpoolthe Wolverine trilogy, and the last film of that era: The New Mutants🇧🇷 Now, the story will be in the same universe as the Avengers, under the care of Marvel Studios!

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