Airport porters caught hurling bags are fired

Three porters have been suspended after being caught hurling luggage from a Qantas airline flight. The episode took place at Melbourne Airport, Australia.

The scene was recorded in the place where luggage is stored. The images were shared on the TikTok platform on Friday (2) and reached wide repercussions.

The managers of Qantas and the third-party company Swissport, for which the shippers provided services, became aware of the case and announced that the workers involved had been fired.

In the video, a trio of employees appears violently throwing the bags onto a conveyor belt, without taking into account the risk of damaging the travellers’ objects. At one point, they also appear laughing, as if throwing suitcases with brute force was a joke.

The Australian airline and swissport launched an internal investigation into the men’s conduct.

“The behavior in this video is clearly not acceptable, and our contracted ground services agent is conducting an urgent investigation,” said a spokesperson for Qantas to the British newspaper The Guardian.

Swissport also manifested itself and reinforced that the behavior of its employees is frequently evaluated, in order to guarantee the quality of the service. After the incident, workers caught in the footage were severely punished, the agency said.

“We train and manage all employees to handle customer assets with care and diligence. The actions of staff in the video appear to have breached these service level standards. As a result, the staff in question have been dismissed pending an investigation,” explained a spokesperson for the company in a statement.

Swissport CEO Brad Moore told the Australian press: “The behaviors in the video have disappointed us all. Disrespectful behavior towards our customers’ luggage and personal effects will not be tolerated and will result in serious disciplinary action.”

On social media, many people repudiated the attitude of the porters and the disrespect for customers.

“You gotta be kidding me! I bet they would be mad if someone treated their stuff that way,” wrote one user. Another criticized: “They are wrong on so many levels, these men need to be held accountable.”

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