Angelina Jolie reveals why she was in a failed movie

Angelina Jolie he has already established himself as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and has dazzled the public with his varied roles that have become a pop landmark.

That is to say, she has the privilege of handpicking the movies she wants to make or any project she wants to work on, and it can’t be that easy to convince her to take a role if it’s not really worth it.

What made Angelina Jolie accept the role of Lara Croft in the movies?

The actress was apprehensive at first to take on the job of embodying such a legendary character on film.

The video game series is a hit with passionate fans, and the actress knew that portraying a popular character could be tricky if the film wasn’t as successful as expected and a positive response wasn’t guaranteed.

During the process of promoting the film Those Who Wish Me Deathreleased in 2021, the actress spoke to the Collider website and revealed how the selection process was for the film’s lineup Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider and Skyscraper (Disclosure)

She said that, at first, she was extremely hesitant about taking on the role, not knowing if it was right for her. She then reveled in the value of doing her own stunt work and what the experience meant to her.

“Actually, at first I didn’t want to do this movie; I said no. But they said I could travel the world and train with the British military, so I had three months to see what I could do.”

After that, the actress revealed that an actor should not question himself so much about the characters he would accept, but should face the challenges.

“I would encourage anyone to do this. Apply as much as you can, give yourself a few months, go to the limit and see, ‘What can I do?’”

The movie ended up not working out very well.

Upon release, the production was met with heavy criticism. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film an upsetting score of 20%. Fans, on the other hand, tried to be more generous and scored him 47%.

The problems weren’t with Angelina Jolie per se.

The main review praised Jolie’s performance and the personification of the character, evaluated as impeccable.

The problem was the confusing script, without clarity and emotion, which could have given the actress much more tools if it had been better constructed.

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