‘Argentina is the only one that plays at home’, says Mauro Cezar

Argentina qualified for the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar, yesterday (3), after a 2-1 victory over Australia, and the noisy crowd, present in the streets and stadiums, is a highlight of this World Cup.

In Posse de Bola, a program that the UOL Sport airs daily at 6 pm during the World Cup, columnist Mauro Cezar praised Argentine fans and stated that this is the only team that “plays at home”.

“Argentina plays at home. Since Qatar has already left, the only one playing at home is Argentina. The others can have people with the team’s shirt watching the game, but cheering? Here it looks like Buenos Aires. Argentina’s game, if a friend appears here, frozen, then defrost the guy, put him in the stadium and ask ‘Where are you, my friend?’

The columnist also pointed out factors like this also influence the results of the World Cup, especially in elimination games. Argentina faces the Netherlands this Friday (9), at 4 pm (Brasília time), for the quarterfinals.

“What they are doing here is impressive, in the streets and mainly in the stadiums. Yesterday was spectacular, a very remarkable thing, and I think that also weighs in a World Cup game, that side of emotion”, added Mauro Cezar.

Trajano: Argentina is a lying team

José Trajano, on the other hand, has doubts about Argentina’s potential to win the World Cup in Qatar, even after triumphing against the Australians in the Round of 16.

“The Argentina team is a liar. He likes to play pranks, because today’s Argentina team took some steps backwards. It had already taken some steps forward, now it has taken a step back. Against the Netherlands, it will take a step forward , backwards or to the side? You don’t know what to expect from Argentina”.

Mauro Cezar: Brazil has an obligation to beat South Korea, with or without Neymar

Columnist Mauro Cezar also spoke about the Brazilian national team’s game against South Korea, tomorrow, at 4 pm (Brasília time), for the round of 16, and sees Brazil’s “obligation”, with or without Neymar on the field. The number 10 is recovering from an ankle injury, which occurred in Brazil’s World Cup debut.

“You can beat Korea without Neymar, obviously. I’ll go further: it’s Brazil’s obligation to beat Korea, with or without Neymar. It’s not because Korea qualified that it has now become the new revolutionary team”.

Casagrande: what’s the point of Vinicius Jr’s boots right now?

Speaking of the Brazilian team, Walter Casagrande was bothered by Vinicius Junior, who is in litigation with Nike, a supplier of sporting goods that has sponsored the athlete since he was 13, in the midst of the World Cup.

“In World Cup things, you have to focus. What does Vinicius Jr’s boot matter at this moment? Can’t you wait 20 days to complain, resolve, sue? Does it have to be now, on the eve of the round of 16 game? Is this so necessary, is this urgent? Like a gold-plated barbecue? Do you need this? Come on, people? Focus on the Cup! Focus on the game!”, questioned Casão.

Casagrande: Mbappé is already the best player in the world

Striker Kyllian Mbappé scored twice in France’s victory over Poland, today, in the round of 16 of the World Cup, and Casagrande took the opportunity to praise the number 10.

“Mbappé is the best player in the world, regardless of what happens at the World Cup. He was already the best young player in 2018. He unbalances any type of match, against any player, with different types of plays, change of direction, speed, He goes out to receive, he goes up. Today he scored two goals, which he looked at the space he was going to hit. One he hit to this side and the other he hit turning to the side there”, said Walter Casagrande.

Arnaldo: Mbappé is the most feared player in the world

Mbappé’s good performance at the World Cup in Qatar also caught the attention of Arnaldo Ribeiro, who named France’s number 10 as the “most feared in the world” today.

“In addition to Mbappé being the most feared player in the world, more than Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, there is the issue that France is a historic thorn in Brazil’s side. There is another thing, very few teams, even the most brilliant ones, have won two Cups Mbappé spoke for the first time today and said, when asked about the Ballon d’Or, ‘no, I want the second consecutive world championship’. [Pelé]🇧🇷 Is very difficult. It’s very rare for that to happen. France, for everything, I think this second championship is very complicated, but there is a guy who is completely above average”, said Arnaldo.

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