artificial intelligence writes academic articles and TCCs

Meta, owner of Facebook, launched a model of intelligence artificial called Galactin. It is powered by scientific articles and is capable of producing academic texts, abstracts and even course completion work (TCC). Of course, from simple productions. Interested? Not everyone liked it!

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Despite generating high expectations, it is important to note that there is great concern about the use of this technology. Find out what we’re talking about below.

How does Galactin work and what happened to AI?

The site encompassed over 360 million citations and 50 million references, all included in one set of sources. This allowed artificial intelligence to suggest and help people discover articles related to the proposed topic. From there, the system generated the texts and explanations about the statements, which continued to be added as the user asked.

After a few days of experimentation, the platform went offline. The reason for its demise was not clear.

Meta artificial intelligence spokesman Jon Carvill said that Galactin was not a true source and that this exploratory research experiment was only for the short term. CNET, the US website, reported that the platform was stopped for presenting a risk of spreading misinformation based on distorted readings of scientific research. See more information about the technology disruption.

What will be the ethical implications of using Galactica in academic production?

Meta’s biggest concern was the use of artificial intelligence by university students, since many wanted to use it to produce their course conclusion work without giving any credit to the system.

There are already reports of people selling the texts generated by AI to facilitate the work of those who are willing to pay for the service. Therefore, the company Zuckerberg makes a point of issuing warnings about the authenticity of the productions.

The texts generated by Galactina seemed highly reliable, but they were misleading in very important ways, after all, writing about grammatical science is not the same thing as doing science.

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