Baywatch star goes through suffocation when reliving home invasion; understand

the star ofBaywatch: SOS Malibu, Alexandra Daddariowent through an ordeal when having to personally face the man who would have invaded her home with a gun, a few days before her wedding to Andrew Form.

The 36-year-old actress appeared in court in Los Angeles on June 23, accompanied by her attorney Blair Burke. David Cakothe alleged stalker of Daddario, would have received a restraining order and must stay away from her until the 19th of September.

In February of this year, the actress had to leave her home after a mess involving Cako. The police were called to the scene and the pursuer would be at the door of the house knocking hard and screaming. He was arrested, searched and a loaded revolver was found inside his vehicle.

Wedding of Alexandra Daddario and Andrew Form (Image Disclosure Instagram)
Wedding of Alexandra Daddario and Andrew Form (Image Disclosure Instagram)

Alexandra Daddario marries producer Andrew Form in New Orleans

Alexandra Daddario recently married film producer Andrew Form. He was also previously married to Jordana Brewster, with whom he has two children: eight-year-old Julian and six-year-old Rowan.

According to Vogue magazine, the actress wore a luxurious dress by Danielle Frankel.

“My friends Allie and Jake threw an amazing wedding in New Orleans. I wanted to drink Italian wine for three days, but when I got a job in New Orleans, I thought about Alie and Jake and we changed plans to New Orleans. It’s a city full of music and life,” she told the magazine.

The star, who has more than 22 million followers on Instagram, has also acted in the productions The White Lotus, Between Gunshots and Kisses, Superman: The Man of Tomorrow, Missing Frequency, Why Women Killbetween others.

The actress was featured in the lead role of the film Baywatch (SOS Malibu), adaptation of the 1999 TV series of the same name. She gives life to the character Summer, a lifeguard who will be an affair with the role of Zac Efron🇧🇷

the film tells the story of the beach bay saviors and also features the actor Dwayne Johnson, who lives Mitch Buchannon. He is a dedicated lifeguard who trains Matt Brody (Zac Efron). The two discover a criminal organization could threaten the future of the bay.

Scene from Baywatch (Playback)
Scene from Baywatch (Playback)

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