Brad Pitt would be dating Emily Ratajkowski

According to the magazine “In Touch Weekly” brad pitt and the newly single Emily Ratajkowski are about to go public with their secret relationship, and in the opinion of the publication, they have everything to “dethrone Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck as the new ‘golden couple of Hollywood’, after allegations that Angelina Jolie’s ex and the supermodel are “Secretly Dating”.

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The tabloid claims that Brad and Emily have known each other for some time, since the actor was ‘impressed’ by her at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2020. Now that she has called off her wedding to Sebastian Bear-McClard after rumors of betrayal, Pitt took the opportunity to approach her.

In Touch’s source commented: “Brad had a crush on Emily since he saw her (…) They weren’t in a private area or anything like that, but they talked with friends. Obviously, she was off-limits at that time,” the insider noted, adding that Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard were married in 2018 and share 1-year-old son Sylvester.

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“Brad made his move… He asked her out and she said yes. She always thought Brad was cute and the way she saw him, what did she have to lose?” the source noted.

The magazine also claims that it questioned a representative of the actor, and he denied the romance speculation, but the tabloid bets that they should appear together at some point.

Rumors began to circulate amid speculation that the FBI is unlikely to reopen the assault case against the actor.

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According to “The New York Post”, authorities examined all available information and the statute of limitations expired a long time ago: “They took into account all of Angelina’s accusations at the time, but no charges were filed. The FBI has conducted a comprehensive investigation into the incident and there is no possibility of reopening the case. It’s all part of a deliberate campaign to discredit Brad,” a friend of the actor told the publication.

The friend drew attention to the fact that, despite Jolie’s repeated citations of information from the FBI investigation into her ongoing custody battle with Pitt, a judge still awarded him joint custody of their children.

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“Angelina’s allegations were raised in at least two different courts: first, during an extended custody trial, and second, after the plane incident. No charges have been filed, and Brad has been given joint custody since Jolie filed for separation in September 2016,” the source said.

This week, photos were revealed of the injuries that Angelina Jolie would have suffered after a physical fight with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, aboard a private plane, in September 2016, when the couple was traveling with their children, from Nice, France, for the United States.

The Page Six column had access to the images that the actress sent to the FBI. In the photos, Jolie showed the injuries she suffered inside the plane’s bathroom, on her hands [como uma queimadura]in the elbow and in the back, when he tried to control Brad Pitt.

In the FBI documents, she alleged that the actor “grabbed her by the head”, “grabbed her by the shoulders”, “shaken her, pushed her against the bathroom wall and yelled at her, ‘You are tearing this family apart'”.

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She further noted that two of her youngest children (whose names were redacted on the report) were standing outside the door crying and asked, ‘Are you all right, Mom?’” And Pitt was the one who responded, shouting, “She’s ruining this family . She’s crazy,'” the report reads, adding that Angelina said the actor had been drinking throughout the trip.

According to Jolie, that comment caused one of her sons – possibly Maddox – to yell at Brad Pitt: “[O problema] It’s not her, it’s you.”

“What he said infuriated Pitt, who attacked his son, so Angelina tried to stop him by strangling him by the neck, and he tried to escape by throwing himself back and pushing her against the armchairs. [do avião] behind them.”, states the indictment.

Included in the report are black and white photocopies of the photos, as well as handwritten pages provided by Jolie, allegedly also written by her children, containing descriptions of the incident.

After arriving in Los Angeles, the couple allegedly got into another physical altercation and she alleged that Pitt prevented her and the children from disembarking for 20 minutes, notes Page Six, saying neither wanted to press charges.

“All parties agreed that no criminal charges would be brought in this case due to several factors,” the report reads.

In April, Angelina Jolie requested the investigation report, anonymously, to find out why Pitt was never charged. Sources close to Pitt tell the Page Six column that the two sides have had the same report for nearly six years, adding that Angelina was now using them for a media stunt as they discussed custody of their children.

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