Brazilian fails to win R$ 152 thousand in bet on the World Cup and goes viral on social networks

The second day of the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup was marked by a moment that goes beyond the four lines. This Sunday (4), a Brazilian entered the most commented subjects on Twitter for an initial bet of R$ 2 that would bring returns of R$ 152 thousand if confirmed.

And the most shocking thing is that, in fact, it was confirmed, but the young gambler Patrick Alves stopped earning that money. That’s because he closed the bet before Sunday’s latest results. Patrick had made a set of bets on the first four games of the round of 16, and he hit the Netherlands 3-1 over the USA and Argentina’s 2-1 over Australia.

On Sunday morning, doubt took hold of Patrick Alves. In the betting, he had placed that France would beat Poland by 3 to 1 and England would beat Senegal by 3 to 0, which would make him pocket R$ 152 thousand. However, he ended the bet before the French duel and won “only” R$ 485.

“The saddest day of my life is today, I ended it before the game ended,” wrote the young man on social media. After receiving support from netizens, Patrick adopted the “life that goes on”. “Ball forward, am I sad? Yes. However, I see it as something that is not mine until I have the money in my account. I will not be martyred for it, life goes on”, he said.

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