Casimiro talks about a world record after live reached 5.2 million users – 12/05/2022

Streamer Casimiro Miguel celebrated today the expansion of his own record of simultaneously connected devices in a YouTube live. During the first half of the game between Brazil and South Korea, for the round of 16 of the World Cup, CazéTV’s transmission registered more than 5.2 million users watching in real time.

“This is already the record in the history of YouTube, okay? YouTube sent us confirmation, it’s the biggest live in the history of the platform”, said Casimiro at 45 minutes of the first. Narrator Luis Felipe Freitas added: “YouTube confirms that the three biggest audiences in the history of the platform are from CazéTV”.

In contact with the column, YouTube said it still needed more time to consolidate today’s transmission numbers. The platform mentioned that in the duel against Switzerland, for the second round, there were almost 4.9 million users in real-time marking, a previous number that was later consolidated at 5.2 million.

That is, the data recorded in real time today by the YouTube marker may still be different (and even larger) after the consolidation done normally the next day. The platform said it still does not have a historical ranking of broadcasts with the highest simultaneous audiences.

Even because there is no official record, it is impossible to set what is in fact the world record for the platform. There are records of a live with 8 million connected devices in 2012, during a jump by Felix Baumgartner almost 40 km high, broadcast by a Red Bull channel.

In addition to the number recorded on YouTube, CazéTV also reached more than 330,000 devices on Twitch, which should give today’s game a new record for football broadcasts over the internet in Brazil, with more than 5.5 million simultaneous ones.

Casimiro broadcasts the World Cup through a partnership signed between FIFA and LiveMode. The CazéTV package entitles you to one game per day live and with images, in addition to replays with short delays of other World Cup matches.

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