Cat finds alligator head in the backyard and takes it to the owners: “Unexpected”

Family lives by Lake Keesus in Wisconsin, where alligators are uncommon

Alligator head found in backyard

Alligator head found in backyard

Photo: Playback/FOX

A cat found an alligator head in the backyard and took the remains to the owners The case happened in Waukesha County, Wisconsin (USA).

In an interview with FOXWendy Wiesehuegel, owner of the animal, said that the kitten dragged the alligator’s head as if it were a trophy.

“Definitely unexpected. He was very proud of himself,” he said.

Wendy said she saw the kitten playing with an object from afar, but assumed it was a fish, as they live by Lake Keesus. “But [ao se aproximar], I bent down and thought, ‘That’s not a fish. That’s an alligator,'” she recalled.

Kitten found alligator head in backyard

Kitten found alligator head in backyard

Photo: Playback/FOX

The American contacted the director of conservation at the Department of Natural Resources, Tim Asperson, to report the situation. According to the expert, the corpse looked like a real animal, which would be about a meter long.

As the appearance of alligators is not common in the region, Wendy said that she sees the case as a warning, because the presence of reptiles in the lake can threaten the safety of residents and bathers.

“I thought about the seriousness of this and how horrible it would be if I were on the lake and it was summer and people were swimming,” he said.

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