China has three “clandestine” police stations in Brazil, activists denounce – 05/12/2022

A survey carried out by the entity Safeguard Defenders reveals that the Chinese authorities maintain three supposedly clandestine police stations on Brazilian soil. The accusation made by the group of activists is that such centers serve to monitor and intimidate Chinese abroad, in addition to forcing dissidents in certain cases to return to the country.

It is estimated that more than 40 million Chinese live outside their home country, and in recent years Beijing has become increasingly interested in these groups’ activities abroad.

The study now shows that there are more than 100 police stations maintained by China, in 53 countries. The document is being published this Monday and was first revealed by the newspaper The Guardian🇧🇷 The Chinese government explained to the British daily that such locations serve only to provide services to Chinese people abroad, including bureaucratic procedures such as renewing a passport or driver’s license.

But, for Safeguard Defenders, such centers are used to “harass, threaten, intimidate and force” Chinese to return to the country to be prosecuted. In September, when a portion of these cases were revealed in countries such as the Netherlands, Canada and Germany, Western authorities opened investigations.

In the Brazilian case, Fuzhou authorities would have a location in São Paulo, while Qingtian would maintain an operation in Rio de Janeiro. According to the activists, the Wenzhou authorities are also present in Brazil, but the office has not yet been identified.

In Latin America, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Cuba, Chile and Argentina would also have clandestine police stations. The survey revealed that such offices still exist in Los Angeles and New York.

According to the new report, an important segment of these clandestine police stations would be in Italy. One such center in Milan was used as a kind of testing ground for how Beijing would monitor its population abroad, as well as follow up on dissidents.

The document published on Monday also identified a total of eleven police stations across Italy, in addition to centers in Croatia, Serbia and Romania.

Activists still point out how “persuasion operations” were carried out from police stations in Paris, in addition to the return of 80 people who were abroad. According to the group, some of these centers have been established in Africa and Asia with the “consent” of local governments.

For the activists, there is still the suspicion that the cooperation agreements between certain countries and China are being abused, precisely so that such offices can serve not only as service centers, but also as the function of monitoring the Chinese population around the world. .

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