‘Crazy offer’ from Corinthians to Vitor Pereira. Ask how much he wanted to stay. But he preferred Flamengo – Prisma

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Kia Joorabchian has been accused of a lot.

Iranian, naturalized English, was president of Media Sports Investment. MSI was a company that brought together English and Russian investors.

He dominated the football department at Corinthians between 2004 and 2007. MSI signed important players such as Carlitos Tevez, Mascherano, Roger, Carlos Alberto, Nilmar and others. Made the club Brazilian champion of 2005.

But the partnership was broken by the Federal Police, which decided to investigate the company for money laundering.

The Iranian, naturalized Englishman, was accused of being the figurehead of Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, a powerful Russian billionaire, who was very close to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

With the end of MSI, Kia Joorabchian continued as a manager of players, like Jô, and a very good friend of the former Corinthians president, Andres Sanchez.

Working with players and coaches, last year Kia responded to the request of Andrés and Duilio Monteiro Alves, current president of Corinthians, and tried to convince the Portuguese Vitor Pereira to work in Brazil, at Parque São Jorge.

Kia was very clear with Andrés and Duilio. Vitor Pereira would only sign a contract until the end of 2022. He knew about the coach’s mother-in-law’s health problem. And the wish of his wife and three children that Vitor was at least in Europe in 2023.

Duilio did everything to keep Vitor in São Paulo. And he has pressed him since September.

He was already earning R$1.6 million a month at Parque São Jorge. Duilio even asked ‘how much’ he wanted to continue. Type of proposal that was classified as ‘crazy’ by Kia.

The Portuguese said he would not make his offer because he would return to Europe ‘anyway’.

But Kia didn’t know that Flamengo’s management had already contacted the coach as soon as the Copa do Brasil ended. President Rodolfo Landim and football vice president Marcos Braz were impressed with Corinthians football, impacting Flamengo in the middle of Maracanã.

And they seduced him with the chance of the coach becoming world champion with the excellent squad that Flamengo has.

Vitor knew about the connection between Kia, Andrés and Duilio. And he only warned him after he had settled everything, in Bahia, with the management of Flamengo.

Kia tried to warn the Corinthians leaders.

The disappointment was huge.

The Iranian naturalized Englishman negotiates with Corinthians athletes abroad. Buy and sell. He could not become an enemy of the leadership.

Just as he did not break up with Vitor Pereira.

The dust settled.

Kia even offered to pick up another foreign trainer.

But it was Duilio and Roberto de Andrade’s idea, former president and current director of football, to bet on Fernando Lázaro as a coach.

That is, Kia was betrayed like Duilio, Roberto de Andrade and Andrés.

And it continues with an open path in Parque São Jorge.

Vitor Pereira, on the other hand, became persona non grata…

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