Dead in 2020, Fernando Vanucci may lose family home to pay Globo TV News

One of the biggest names in sports journalism on Brazilian television, Fernando Vanucci (1951-2020) is the center of a dispute with Globo. The broadcaster asked for the attachment of a property that is in the name of the presenter’s estate in order to pay the termination fine. Rio TV still accuses him of procedural fraud during the action.

O TV news had access to the file of the process that runs in the 39th Civil Court of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro. The property in question is located in Santana do Parnaíba, a city in Greater São Paulo. The value of the request for execution is R$ 750 thousand.

Globo filed the lawsuit because it understood that there was a breach of contract when Vanucci left the company, in 1999. He was fired after being caught eating a cookie live. He had been working at the company since 1973 as the main sports presenter of programs such as Esporte Espetacular, Globo Esporte and was even a guest on Jornal Nacional on Saturdays.

The action was questioned by Globo in the same year of his departure. The broadcaster claimed that Vanucci disrespected behavior clauses. In addition to the individual, Vanucci’s company, Penta Vídeo Comunicações, was also the target of the lawsuit.

Among appeals, Globo won in all instances and even accused Vanucci of putting real estate in other people’s names to prevent the sentence from being carried out. It was identified that Vanucci and his wife had tried to transfer ownership of the property during the process.

Globo understood that there was fraud in the case and asked for the execution of the transfer amount. This happened in 2019, a year before the journalist’s death. The court has not yet ruled on this charge. However, the magistrate handling the case approved that the house must be used to pay the amount and that it cannot be transferred.

“In these terms, the appeal is partially granted, only allowing the annotation of the existence of this action with the registration of the property”, said the judge Caetano Ernesto da Fonseca Costa, who judges the case. There is still no prediction of when and if the house will be auctioned.

Sought since the beginning of last week by telephone and e-mail, the lawyers representing the family of Fernando Vanucci did not respond to the contact attempts of the TV news🇧🇷 If there is a placement, the report will be updated.

Globo does not comment on ongoing cases in court.

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