Deolane’s son is robbed and then goes to a club with thieves

According to Giliard Santos, bandits took a car, two cell phones and some accessories

Giliard Santos, son of Deolane

Giliard Santos, son of Deolane

Photo: @giliardsantosoficiall_

Giliard Santosson of Deolane Bezerrawhich is in the cast of ‘The Farm 14‘, he told last Friday, 02, that he was the victim of a robbery. He did not specify in which region and state, however, in less than 10 minutes he recovered his items taken and ended the night dancing with the bandits, of which he was a victim, in a ballad.

“I was in the square, eating with some friends, then out of nowhere four guys arrived and there was only one armed. At the time, the armed man came at me, you know. I was inside the car playing with my cell phone and he already said: ‘Get down’. I went down and didn’t say anything.” giliardson of Deolane🇧🇷

Then the bandits would have taken the car, their two cell phones and some items, such as a belt and accessories. According to the boy, 10 minutes later, the thieves would have returned, with the intention of returning the car and the two cell phones, the belt and other accessories would have been thrown into a nearby river.

No major material damage, giliard and his colleagues would have befriended the bandits. The chat hitched so well that the group decided to spend the night together, enjoying a ballad.

“So you can see how it was: I made friends with the guys and the guys even went to clubs with us. But it’s smooth, each one is in their run. I’m fine, nobody made fun of the car or anything, it’s smooth”, he concluded.

The Terra report tried to contact the press office of Deolane Bezerra for more information on the subject, but so far there has been no response. The space remains open for responses.

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