Despite the victory, journalist humiliates the fans of the Brazilian National Team at the World Cup

brazilian fans
brazilian fans

THE argentina national team won by 2 to 1 The Australia this Saturday and advanced to the quarterfinals of the World Cup. In yet another spectacle in the stands, the country’s fans stole the show by encouraging the players on the field during theat 90 minutes of confrontation against the opponent. in the game of Brazila Brazilian Team passed the South Koreans in a resounding rout of 4 to 1.

The success of the Argentine crowd generates comparison with the Brazilian crowd, which has been criticized in this edition of the world tournament. Despite the new songs created for 2018 and the tributes paid to the King Pelewho remains hospitalized in Sao Paulo undergoing treatment for a colon tumour. In this way, the narrator Andre Henning compared the profile of fans on social networks.

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“The Brazilian crowd created a song for the 2018 World Cup. Even good. Brazilian fans created a unit to support the World Cup in loco. Truth. That said… the Brazilian fans still don’t reach Argentina’s feet. Not even close. Can’t put it in the same sentence. That’s it. Facts,” said the journalist who was hit back by the Brazilian crowd.

Path is being drawn for a Brazil vs Argentina

With the victory this Saturday, the Argentina qualified for the quarterfinals of the world Cup🇧🇷 The “brothers” face the Netherlands in the next phase this Friday, at 4 pmat the Lusail Stadium. THE Brazilian Team can face Argentina only in the semifinals of the tournament. If you go through Croatia in the quarterfinals.

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