Disney shares image with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

Marvel Studios is currently developing a new reboot of Fantastic Fourone of the first projects that were speculated shortly after Disney bought Fox.


And despite having recently lost director Jon Watts, the film remains in active development, with fans expecting official news this month, with Marvel’s confirmed participation in the san diego comic con🇧🇷

This month fans can get the group’s first preview in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhich featured Mister Fantastic being played by John Krasinski, something fans have always wanted to see happen.

The character plays a variant of the character, and now fans want to know if the actor will also be kept in the MCU, after all, this choice has always been the great desire of those waiting for the new one. Fantastic Four🇧🇷

The same goes for Emily Blunt as Invisible Woman, an actress who is married to John Krasinski in real life. And now fans believe they’ve uncovered a hint that this will indeed happen in the team’s next film.

Sending out a survey to selected subscribers, Disney+ wanted to know what the most anticipated MCU project is in the future, and in the option regarding Fantastic Fourthe image illustrating the film brings John Krasinski and Emily Blunt in the role of the heroes:

Fantastic Four poll conducted by Disney+.

The image is taken from a fanart produced by Mitch Letcher, which many fans may have already seen around:

The original Fantastic Four fanart.

The image could have just been a mistake on Disney’s part, but fans want to believe otherwise. What did you think? Keep following the marvel’s legacy and check out our YouTube channel:

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Fantastic Four will be a Marvel Studios reboot, the first team-up film to be produced by the studio. There is still no release date. The characters have already had three adaptations for the cinema, two of medium success, and one having been a failure.

The unanimity is that no film has honored the characters in the way they deserve. Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios is expected to finally get it! Announced in December 2020, director Jon Watts (Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Trilogy) HAS LEFT command of the film! His replacement has yet to be announced.

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