Dog who found guardian’s grave in cemetery remains at the scene for 7 years

The story of Sorriso, formerly called Risadinha, is one of many examples that the canine love for its owner is greater than anything, in this case even after death.

Sorriso has lived for seven years at the Municipal Cemetery of Capão Bonito, in the interior of São Paulo, since his tutor died.

Seen as a great example of friendship/companionship, the canine won the affection of taxi drivers and janitors in the region.

These even built a little house so that the dog could shelter on rainy and cold days, in addition to constantly feeding him.

In addition, they were the ones who gave it the name of Sorriso.

“We’ve been taking water and feed for a few years now. Now, we even set up a little house for him. He is the joy of the cemetery”, said Antônio Ciro, one of the taxi drivers who take care of the animal in an interview with G1.

“Sometimes, a visitor arrives, a relative of the deceased and interacts with him. Sorriso is very docile,” she adds.

Ananias Xavier, brother of the former tutor, explained that the puppy was very down with the death of Joel Xavier.

Thus, a few days after the burial, the animal ran away from home and found the tomb where the tutor was alone.

“Risadinha was brand new when a cousin of ours showed up with him. My brother worked in a butcher shop and he always took good care of him. Wherever he went, he took the dog, ”he said.

“Risadinha missed it a lot [de seu tutor]🇧🇷 Once, he disappeared and went alone to the cemetery. There it remains to this day. I’ve tried to take him home, but it’s no use”, adds Ananias.

With about 15 years old, the dog walks through the cemetery and welcomes relatives and acquaintances of the deceased who are buried there.

Amidst the sadness and anguish of losing a loved one, Sorriso is able to bring a little joy in this difficult time.

“I think animals always teach us something. Risadinha was and continues to be a great friend of Joel. It’s a lesson!”, stressed the brother of the dog’s former tutor.


A similar case also happened in a Municipal Cemetery of General Roca, in Rio Negro, Argentina, where a dog called Bobby moved to the place in order to be close to his former owner.

“Its owner died three years ago and since then it has never left the cemetery. He stayed because his master is buried here”, points out the cemetery’s gravedigger, Daniel Cisterna, to the Rio Negro newspaper.

Daniel has worked at the cemetery for 16 years and every afternoon when he arrives, the dog accompanies him throughout the day, until it’s time to leave.

According to the gravedigger, when there’s a funeral, Bobby used to lie down and stay beside the families, as if he felt their pain.

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