Elon Musk considers creating a smartphone in case Twitter is boycotted

After the billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter, every day something different appears. This time, Musk is thinking of creating its own smartphone, if Apple and Google remove the social network from their virtual stores. Despite believing that companies will not do this, it is the first time that he seriously thinks about entering the smartphone market.

A few months ago, this news from Musk began to circulate on the internet, where a rumor that said that the billionaire would launch a device by Tesla gained strength in the communities. Understand a little more about the new episode of the saga between Musk and Twitter.

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understand the case

Despite all the buzz caused by this Musk revelation, the information has not yet been made official. This speech only serves to remind us that it would not be impossible for Tesla’s CEO to enter the smartphone market and compete with other large companies in the field. The billionaire spoke about the matter on his Twitter account.

The matter came to light after conservative podcaster Liz Wheeler told Musk to create his own line of smartphones in case Twitter was boycotted by big brands. In his account on the social network, Wheeler made a poll asking if people would exchange their smartphones for a “telONfone” – a pun on the billionaire’s name. The results were: 51.2% of users said “yes” and 48.8% said “no”.

What would be the reasons for virtual stores to boycott Twitter?

As he is always involved in controversial issues, it has been questioned whether brands would at some point boycott the billionaire for this. Despite being a hot topic, neither Apple nor Google have commented on the topic until then.

Some of Musk’s conduct collides with some Apple Store and Google Play guidelines, as both have strict policies for selling applications in their virtual stores.

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