Fan spikes results of the eighth of the Cup and stops earning R$ 152 thousand for ‘fear’: ‘I’m very sad’

Have you ever imagined winning more than R$ 150 thousand betting only R$ 2.00? That’s what almost happened to 26-year-old Patrick Alves from São Paulo. If it weren’t for the ‘fear’ of being left with nothing, the fan would have pocketed that amount this Sunday afternoon. The young man hit the result of the four games of the World Cup Round of 16 they had so far, but decided to close the bet when the house was offering ‘only’ R$ 408, right at the beginning of the duel between France and Poland. The print went viral on social media and the THROW! went after the boy so that he would detail the situation.

– I’ve been betting for a while. I was betting on the World Cup matches and I had R$10 left in my account. So I decided to make some ‘playing’ bets with that money. I made five games and each one worth R$ 2.00 and one of these was this one that went viral on Twitter.


Bet made by Patrick (Photo: Reproduction / Twitter)

The young man also revealed to the report that he was very sad when he found out that he got all the results right and stopped earning exactly R$ 152,100.00. According to him, this money would be used to buy a house of his own.

Patrick Alves reveals that the bet was not conscious at all and he did it to ‘play’. According to the boy, it would be practically impossible for him to hit a result, much less the four.

– When I made the bet, I would never have imagined that even the first result would be right, so when a slightly higher amount appeared compared to the amount I bet, it seemed right to close the bet and withdraw the R$ 408. that the four outcomes were going to happen. It was the first time this had happened to me,” she explained.

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The young man still experienced moments of anguish in the final minutes of the match between France and Poland🇧🇷 The game, which was 3-0 for the French until the second half added time, had a penalty scored for the Poles. With the goal scored, Patrick’s bet – which had already been closed minutes before – gave ‘green’, generating a feeling of regret in the boy.

– That moment was the saddest because Poland missed the first penalty, the referee ordered it back and then they scored. So it was a mixed feeling at the time. I was very sad.

A fan of Neymar and looking forward to the long-awaited sixth, Patrick believes that the return of the number 10 shirt for the Brazilian national team will help the team in the duel against South Korea in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar.

– I imagine that if Neymar returns in this game, we will win by 3×1. I will be rooting for him a lot. If everything works out this year, the sixth one comes – said the young man.

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Even with the sadness of having stopped winning that money, the São Paulo player says he will continue to make this type of bet and even left a message for the bettors who identified with the situation. For him, the right thing is just to use money that will not harm you financially.

– I’ll keep making these bets to try to spike the results, but of course always with the money I can lose. If I could give a message to people who bet, it’s that they do it just for fun, without harming themselves. Betting is a game of chance, so the chance of losing money is great – concluded Patrick Alves.

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