FIFA backtracks on formatting 48-team World Cup

After packing up in Qatar, the World Cup will have three homes in 2026, the United States, Canada and Mexico. It has also been made official that the number of selections, which will increase from 32 to 48. But FIFA went back on the dispute format, which is now undefined.

“That is not decided yet,” said Arsène Wenger, FIFA’s head of global football development, when responding to the format adopted for the competition.

“But it could be 16 groups of three [seleções]12 groups of 4, or two sides with six groups of 4 [com 24 em cada lado]”, pondered the former Arsenal coach. ′′ I can’t define that, it will be decided by Fifa and I think it will be next year “, completed the Frenchman, citing a council that will meet in 2023.

The answer given today by Wenger, in a technical study group meeting with the press, contradicts the proposal released in January 2017. Five years ago, the suggested formula was 16 groups with three selections. The top two in each group would qualify for the knockout rounds, which would begin a stage before the round of 16.

Wenger defends the increase of selections. “We are going to find 16 more good teams. For example: in Africa, we will have five more teams. In Europe, three more”, he added. “We are going to give more opportunity to the teams and develop football in these countries,” he assessed.
Without playing in clubs since leaving the London team, the now FIFA employee also criticized the political stance of the teams in the Cup.

“You know that when you go to a World Cup you can’t miss the first game. The teams that have the experience to play in tournaments, like France and England, played well in the first game. Teams that were mentally ready, with a team mentality focus on competition, not political demonstrations.” 🇧🇷Folhapress🇧🇷

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