Folha: ‘White Lotus’ comforts the viewer by showing rich as cretins – 12/04/2022

There are so many television series dedicated to exposing the world of the rich that it’s possible to say that they form a kind of genre. They are almost always dramas seasoned with humor (“dramedia”), highly satirical, eventually caricatured. “Downton Abbey” and “Succession” are possibly among the most successful achievements in this field. Both speak of riches unreachable by the common human being, the first in England at the beginning of the 20th century and the second in the United States of today.
There is another set of series that seek to portray the rich a little closer to the ground. I think, for example, of “Big Little Lies”, “Nine Unknowns” and “The White Lotus”. These are series that, in some way, produce the effect of comforting the viewer. Its beautiful protagonists are insecure and cretinous, eventually cruel, scoundrels and as idiotic as we would like them to be.
Even more than “Big Little Lies”, “White Lotus” also presents an advertising aesthetic, almost of tourist promotion, with the constant display of spectacular landscapes and leisure scenes in luxury palaces, yachts and poolside bars. Looking on the positive side, it’s as if the viewer is getting a beauty boost for the price of living with such neurotic and selfish characters.

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