Has The Batman established Robin’s arrival yet? Understand

The Batman 2 could introduce Robin into Matt Reeves’ franchise, and the first film already showed what the arrival of the Boy Wonder could look like.

While the film dropped subtle hints, when and where Robin might appear in the future of the franchise remains an issue. The story itself offered considerable reason to think that Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne would not be a mentor to a Robin, as the character has traditionally been portrayed.

Furthermore, rather than taking Robin under his wing, Robert Pattinson’s Batman would also be more likely to find Robin through the two paths that intersect in their individual journeys. The fact is that The Batman put a lot of focus on Bruce Wayne’s partnership with Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz🇧🇷

However, it is worth mentioning that both only met through their nocturnal double lives. With Bruce having a similar connection to Commissioner James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), that says a lot about how Pattinson’s Batman finds friends while fighting Gotham’s underworld.

Essentially, he decides who he can trust by keeping them at arm’s length. That version of Batman seems more likely to find his Robin in a similar fashion to his encounter with Catwoman, with Robin already being a vigilante on his own mission that would intersect with Batman’s.

Whether it’s Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, or another Robin, the same tentative alliance Batman forms with Selina would likely also be how he and Robin initially join forces. While this is different from how such a partnership is usually portrayed, it makes sense for the new franchise.

the movie of Matt Reeves it shows Bruce Wayne as a relatively young vigilante still finding his footing, and someone who doesn’t seem to have much life as a billionaire socialite among Gotham City’s upper class.

When Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred (Andy Serkis), warns him that he’s letting his life as Batman consume him, Bruce coldly responds, “I don’t care what happens to me.” This demonstrates the lack of time and inclination he would have to train a recruit to fight alongside him.

Even after Robin joins the franchise, Bruce Wayne’s youth and limited circle of friends don’t prepare him to know how to impart experience and wisdom. This universe’s Robin could end up being a highly reinvented version of the Boy Wonder.

The only real area Bruce can guide Robin is in convincing him that Gotham City is worth fighting for, in contrast to Selina leaving the city at the end of The Batman🇧🇷 Either way, Robin’s arrival will likely be initiated by himself rather than Batman recruiting him.

But what about you, what do you think of all this? Leave your opinions in the comments!

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