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Scheduling Instagram posts with native platform tools is a feature that will soon be released in the app, making the routine of content creators more practical. According to the company, the novelty is in the experimental phase and will allow users to schedule publications for future dates within a period of 90 days – with this, it will be possible to choose the exact time that a post will be published in the feed or on Reels, without the need to to carry out the process manually at that very moment.

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According to screenshots released by testers, the tool can be found simply in the “Advanced Settings” tab, along with the location and post tags. Below, check out more details about the new tool.

Instagram’s scheduling tool promises to bring even more convenience to content sharing — Photo: Getty Images

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Is it possible to schedule post on Instagram now? When will the feature be released?

It is not yet possible to schedule posts natively on Instagram. In an official statement, a spokesperson for Meta said that the ability to program content on the social network is still being tested and has only been made available to a percentage of users.

Regarding the launch, the company did not provide further details on when the tool will be available to the entire application community. Because it is an experiment, it is also not possible to be sure that the function will be implemented exactly as it has been disclosed so far. The expectation, however, is that all users will be able to use the novelty soon.

User captured Instagram test images that will allow scheduling a post in the feed — Photo: Reproduction/WFBrother

Will it be available for all accounts or just for Business?

Initially, the novelty was released only for commercial accounts on the platform. However, the expectation is that, over time, all Instagram users around the world will be able to use the tool to schedule their posts within 90 days.

Until it launches, how to schedule a post for the Instagram🇧🇷

While Instagram does not make the feature available natively, there are other ways to schedule posts, such as using the Facebook Creation Studio, made available by Meta itself. The platform brings together several tools that facilitate the daily lives of content creators, including the option to schedule posts for the desired day and time – it is worth mentioning, however, that the available features may vary from account to account.

Another option is to schedule through third-party platforms such as Buffer, Latter, mLabs, Sprout Social, and more. To do this, you must follow a few steps: just register on the chosen website, link your Instagram account, insert the desired media accompanied by the caption and, finally, select the exact moment that the post should be aired.

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