Korean heartthrob had to turn off cell phone for marriage proposals

Cho Gue-sung during a match at the 2022 World Cup. Photo: PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images

Cho Gue-sung during a match at the 2022 World Cup. Photo: PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images

Scorer of two goals in South Korea’s defeat to Ghana in the group stage, striker Cho Gue-sung is one of the South Koreans’ hopes for the round of 16 match against Brazil, this Monday (5th). ), at 4 pm, Brasilia time.

One of the most talked about names on social media during the group stage, whether for the look or the football presented, Son Heung-min’s strike partner is one of the most unexpected stories of this Cup. In addition to piquing the interest of European teams, who are said to be sending several proposals to his club, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, he has also piqued the interest of thousands of fans around the world with his K-pop star look and goal-scoring eye.

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It turns out that all this unexpected fame was accompanied by several rumors about Cho Gue-sung’s personal life. Korean tabloids do their best to find out if the player has a girlfriend and at least a dozen actresses, models and singers were named as current. affair of the heartthrob.

Cho suddenly became a celebrity in a country obsessed with its celebrities and it didn’t take long for this to disrupt the player’s day-to-day life. According to journalists covering the South Korean national team in Qatar, Cho has had to turn off his phone in recent days to focus solely on the competition. The reason? The hundreds of marriage proposals he received.

In South Korea, there is a custom for the parents of the bride and groom to get involved in marriage proposals, and very often, unions approved by families only happen due to the beauty, education or family history of those involved. With Cho showing himself to the world as not only a pretty face, but also competent at his job, marriage offers began to fill the striker’s phone, who said he was focused only on football.

Before the Gue-sung Cup, he had around twenty thousand followers on a social network, a number that already surpassed two million two weeks after the start of the tournament. When he returns to South Korea, he should receive several offers to star in advertisements for the most diverse products, from cosmetics to home appliances. Regardless of the final result of the South Korean team in this Cup, one thing is certain: Cho Gue-sung has already left as one of the winners of the competition.

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