lift the cup with Neymar

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and the striker of the Brazilian National Team, Neymar
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President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who has remained a recluse since his defeat in the second round of elections to president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), has followed the World Cup, in Qatar, with the hope of a possible last “consecration” at the end of his term.

The Chief Executive has watched all the games of the Brazilian National Team in Qatar and is optimistic that the team will return with the world champion cup, being the first and only to reach the sixth title. If that happens, the president will personally meet with the PSG striker and called up for the national team, Neymar.

At other times, Neymar said he intends to give one of his game shirts used in the tournament to the president. After the selection’s victory, he would meet with him to deliver the shirt marked with the victory.

However, even so, Neymar’s eventual gesture will be the closest Bolsonaro should get to the taste of the sixth, since Tite, the coach of the Brazil team, said that if he emerges victorious from the competition, he will not go up the ramp to show the cup for the former captain.

According to journalist Valmir Moratelli, from Veja, the president, in turn, wants to guarantee a picture of a world victory, so as not to leave the scene so melancholy. The World Cup final will be on December 18th.

Next, the holiday break won’t open any loopholes for another opportunity for public attention for the president.

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