Losing to Korea would be worse than 7-1 against Germany – 12/05/2022

The Cup starts for Brazil on December 9, against Croatia. And if the opponent is Japan, the debut is postponed to the semifinal, against Argentina or Holland.

It’s not a matter of being brash or underestimating rivals. But Brazil is Brazil and has an obligation to be first in a group with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon.

Mission accomplished, on goal difference.

And the defeat against Cameroon should have served as a wake-up call. After all, as my friend Ivana said, to whom she kept saying that Brazil has three teams, losing to Cameroon is indigestible. The infamous pun is mine and not hers.

And Korea?

Obligation to win. Total.

It’s no use saying that Sohn is very good, that Korea is evolving and that football distances have decreased.

None of that matters.

If Brazil doesn’t go through Korea, it will be worse than the 7 x 1 of 2014. Players will be marked for a long time.

It is a question of history, of the past and the future. Brazilian football cannot lose to the Koreans. And not even for the Japanese. We are not the Argentina that loses to Saudi Arabia. Or Portugal losing to Korea. We are not.

And the path gets easier with the return of Danilo and Neymar, who even created a new hair color.

Oh boy Ney…

Grow up!


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