Lucky woman who won BRL 60 million in two lotteries loses everything and now lives in a trailer

In October 1985, a convenience store employee in New Jersey (USA) won the lottery🇧🇷 In February of the following year, Evelyn Adams, who had significantly increased the amounts spent weekly with lottery bets, hit the jackpot again🇧🇷 Adding the two prizes were the equivalent of BRL 60 million, in corrected values. At that time, in the 22 US states with lotteries, no one had been awarded twice before🇧🇷 The odds of winning the first “mega” were 1 in 3.2 million. The second, 1 in 5.2 million.

A millionaire, Evelyn lost her privacy. Wherever she went, she was recognized. Calls for help became constant.

“I never learned a single word in English: No”she declared, according to a report on the website “Unilad”.

One of Evelyn’s most disastrous decisions was to buy the convenience store where she worked. Soon after, she ended up selling the establishment, in a transaction that made her lose money.

With donations to friends and relatives, gifts, failed (and poorly planned) businesses and a lot of money lost in casinos, in what became an addiction, the american went to the canvas🇧🇷

The American dream collapsed: Evelyn lost everything and currently lives in a trailer park🇧🇷

Trailer similar to what is now Evelyn’s home Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

“Winning the lottery isn’t always what they say it is. I won the American dream, but I also lost it. It was a very hard fall. It’s called rock bottom.”she lamented.

“I wish I had the chance to do it all over again. I would be so much smarter now. I’ve made mistakes. Some I regret. I’m human.”finished.

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