Mario Andrada | A good 2nd for Brazil to start solving this Cup

Argentina, Holland, England and France have already shown that they have football for the title…

The earth will start to shake over there in Qatar. The teams of France and England will meet in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. The current champions defeated Poland 3-1 with 2 great goals from Kylian Mbappé. The English dispatched the Senegal team by 3-0, without scares and with Harry Kane’s 1st goal in this World Cup.

Both matches were largely dominated by the favourites. The French showed an incredible night by Griezmann in control of the game and a historic show by Mbappé. The English framed the Senegalese team in their scheme of play as if they were wearing a straitjacket on their rivals. With accurate passes and Kane’s movement up front, the goals came naturally.

The selections of Holland, Argentina, France and England are today the main candidates for the title. The top side of the table selected the 4 teams that presented the most powerful football so far.

Teams Brazil, Spain, Croatia and Portugal, the theoretical favorites at the bottom of the table, are still due. They bring a negative balance in the comparison between the general expectation and what was presented in the field. They seem to be a notch below the 4 classified selections.

Only the Brazilian team in the 2nd half of the match against the Serbia team is capable of facing the already qualified in an even duel. The Brazilian team in the game against the Swiss would be defeated and the one in the match against Cameroon would be thrashed.

Neymar’s return for this Monday’s clash (5.Dec.2022) against the Koreans is great news. Every great team has a great star. It is precisely in the Cup that the stars make the difference.

Messi did his against the Australian national team, Kane disenchanted against the Senegal team, Mbappé destroyed the Polish team. Next star to perform: Neymar at 4 pm.

Luca Modric is the star of Croatia’s national team that faces Japan at 12:00, he also needs to show more although neither Croatians nor Japanese have enough ball and energy to think about the title.

The pace of the Cup accelerated brutally. In the 12 days of the group stage, 16 teams were eliminated, a little more than one elimination per day, in a false arithmetic. Now on Wednesdays we have two eliminations per day. We are at the peak of activity in departures at Doha Airport.

Decisive, elimination games have a special relationship with time. All it takes is one mistake, one mistake, a fraction of a second for the dream to end. Even considering the return of Neymar in record time, the necessary improvisations in the defense due to the injuries and the usual buzz surrounding the ditto controversies, Brazil remains favorites to continue in the Cup. It remains to be seen whether he will play enough to remain a member of the club of title favourites.

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