New HBO Max series is inspired by the long City of God

The announcement of the launch of the “City of God” spin-off series was made during CCPX22.

The award-winning Brazilian film “Cidade de Deus” will become a series and will feature director Fernando Meirelles, responsible for directing the film in 2002. The production will be the result of a partnership between HBO Max and Warner Bros.

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Discover the series “City of God”

According to the announcement made yesterday (1), by the companies, the Cidade de Deus series, as well as the film that originated it, will be adapted in the book by Paulo Lins, and will portray how the lives of the characters are twenty years after the events of the long.

The plot accompanies the young Buscapé (Alexandre Rodrigues), a black boy who grows up in a place surrounded by poverty and violence: Cidade de Deus. Thanks to the young man’s talent as a photographer, he manages to escape the fate of most young men in the region.

Behind his lens, Buscapé watches the power struggle unfold between rival factions.

The film City of God was released in 2002 and features great names in Brazilian dramaturgy, such as Leandro Firmino who lives Zé Pequeno, the drug dealer who runs the hill, Alice Braga (Queen of South) in the role of Angélica, the passion of Buscapé and Matheus Nachtergaele (O Auto da Compadecida) as Sandro Cenoura, Zé Pequeno’s rival drug dealer.

“’Cidade de Deus’ is a work loved by the public and deals with themes that even after 20 years are still extremely relevant both for Brazilians and for audiences anywhere in the world. Therefore, we are starting the development of this project, which, in the future, may come off the drawing board and become an impactful production.”

If the project goes ahead, the series will be produced by Fernando Meirelles, Andrea Barata Ribeiro and the entire O2 Filmes production team, the same professionals responsible for the success of 2002.

The script team for the series will be led by Rodrigo Felha, Sergio Machado, Renata Di Carmo, Armando Praça and Estevão Ribeiro.

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