Niecy Nash is a rookie FBI agent in the series teaser ‘The Rookie: Feds’; Check out!

THE ABC released a new teaser for the series ‘The Rookie: Feds‘, starring Niecy Nash (‘Scream Queens’).

Check out:

The production will officially debut on September 27th🇧🇷

Created by Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winterthe series is a spin-off of ‘The Rookie🇧🇷

Take the time to watch:

Simone Clark (nash) is the oldest recruit at the FBI academy. In The Rookie, the detective showed up at a big event to help the Los Angeles division when a student became the prime suspect in a terrorist attack. Simone is a single mother who had to put her career on the back burner so that her children could fulfill their own dreams. But Simone is far from one to shy away from a challenge. Now in her own series, The Rookie: Feds, the FBI’s oldest recruit will team up with the police academy’s oldest trainee to fight crime. However, given the duo’s less-than-welcoming reputation, the rest of the police force isn’t about to make things easy for the rookies. For this unlikely duo, companionship and friendship will be essential to solve the most outlandish cases in the region.

The cast still has Frankie Faison🇧🇷 Felix Solis🇧🇷 Britt Robertson🇧🇷 Kevin Zegers and James Lesure🇧🇷

Be sure to watch:

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