North Korea fires another 130 artillery rounds near the border with South Korea

Military exercises take place after Seoul, Washington and Tokyo announced the imposition of new sanctions against the Pyongyang regime

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North Korea missile tests

This Monday, the 5th, the North Korea carried out 130 artillery rounds in waters close to the border with South Koreainformed the Seoul army, which is also carrying out military maneuvers with real firearms in neighboring regions with the support of the United States. North Korean forces fired with what are believed to be multiple launchers from Kangwon and Hwanghae provinces starting at 2:59 pm local time. [3h59 da madrugada no horário de Brasília], according to a statement from the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the South. The artillery shells ended up in waters along the maritime borders that the two Koreas delimited in a military agreement signed in 2018, in which they committed to avoid maneuvers and exercises with live fire in the determined areas, as indicated by the JCS. The South Korean army demanded that the North end the “provocation”, from messages sent through open communication channels with the neighboring country. The corporation guarantees that it is monitoring Pyongyang’s movements and strengthening its military preparedness in the face of any contingency.

Seoul forces also announced on Monday that they will carry out live-fire maneuvers, which will include rocket launchers and other assets, on border units. The activities should take place by Wednesday, the 7th. The North’s new exercises take place after South Korea, Japan and the United States announced last week the imposition of new sanctions against the Pyongyang regime, which affect individuals and entities linked to the North. development of weapons of mass destruction. The measures were adopted after the North Korean launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on November 18, and at a time of great tension, for the record number of weapons tests carried out by the North this year.

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