Ronaldo says it’s ‘envy’ criticism he received for eating gold-plated meat in Qatar

Ronaldo did not ignore the criticism he received for having eaten gold-plated meat in Qatar, at the Salt Bae restaurant, run by popular chef Nusret Gökçe, who puts salt on meat in a performative way.

In an interview with the podcast podpah, the Phenomenon even said that the criticism received is envy.

“If you ate the gold-plated meat, that’s the guy’s problem. It’s a shitty dining experience too, and you’re in a place you probably won’t go back. There’s nothing wrong. Even if you go with a little bit of common sense, it can be inspiring for other people. There are things that we are better off completely ignoring, but you see such a huge continuity of hate speech… But it is envy, cowardice, it is disproportionate”, said the former shirt 9 of the Brazilian team.

He completed by saying that associating the athletes’ expensive dinner with the more than 33 million people who go hungry in Brazil is absurd.

“I don’t expect anything from these people, I just think that football is an escape valve for so many people in our country… The guy makes a chronicle throwing the player in the middle of politics, of the bandits. These people do not have my respect and they are not relevant in the world of football either. We should be more careful, especially those who have the microphone in their hands, to transmit opinions with more responsibility. Then you enter a question of society that makes no sense. The guy is eating golden puff meat and there are 50 million people starving in Brazil. These are disconnected things that are thrown into the cake…”

In addition to Ronaldo, Gabriel de Jesus, Ronaldo Fenômeno, Vini Júnior and Eder Militão took advantage of the night off and went with the former striker to the restaurant.

None of these football players have financial problems, not least because a piece of golden ottoman steak costs, on average, R$ 3,000. The golden steak, another dish drenched in 24-carat gold, costs between R$1,000 and R$1,500. Just for the record, there are no accompaniments!

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