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But people? the hollywood star Drew Barrymore 🇧🇷The Panthers) invited the actress Selma Blair 🇧🇷hellboy) on her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Showto resolve some old conflicts and misunderstandings from the two stars’ past.

At the time, Barrymore shocked everyone by revealing that he received numerous death threats years ago, which were signed in Blair’s name. the actress of Legally Blonde finally confessed that the individual who was writing “poisoned pen letters” in her name was none other than her father’s girlfriend elliot beitner🇧🇷

In the interview, she narrated her experiences of being accused of sending the letters. “I heard from a detective who said, ‘We know it’s not you, but someone is writing letters to Drew Barrymore, poisoned letters, signed Selma Blair”🇧🇷 She continued: “When [meu pai] found out who she was, he chose her and he didn’t believe me. He’s like, ‘No, she’s not doing that, you’re ruining her life too’ I’m like, ‘I’m in New York, I’ve never met her.’

Blair wrote about her relationship with her parents, especially her troubled relationship with her father in her book Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing up. In the interview, she went into detail about her situation with her parents, explaining that while she has always shared a warm bond with her mother, her relationship with her father has always been shaky from the beginning. She said: “My dad and I never got along, especially after I left for college. He wanted to take me down at any cost.”

She also confessed that writing Barrymore death letters was not the only act her father had committed in the past to tarnish Blair’s reputation. Their toxic relationship dates back to when her father tried to ruin her career in the industry by falsely incriminating her as a heroin addict. This happened after she landed the role opposite Brandon Maxwell in a movie and informed his father about it. Letters were later sent that claimed she was addicted to heroin, although she claimed never to have tried the drug. As a result, she was fired before filming began.

The letters to Barrymore, she said, were the last straw and caused a permanent strain on their relationship as Blair refused to call him her father and addressed him by his first name ‘Elliott’ until he died in 2012. She also spoke about stopping talking to him after the incident. However, Drew clarified that she never received these letters, but learned about them from Blair’s book.

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