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Snow White/Internet/Playback
Snow White/Internet/Playback

Preparing to hit the big screen as the famous and legendary Evil queen in the live action of snow Whitein an interview, Gal Gadot talks about the preparation process to play the villain in the feature film.

Based on the 1937 animation by walt disney studiosthe studio’s long-awaited new production will star Rachel Zegler as the title princess, as she goes on an adventure into parts unknown after being promised her death by her own stepmother.

Without giving away any additional details of her look as the Evil Queen, in passing through D23the actress Gal Gadot told to Variety how was the long makeup and preparation process to live the villain, in addition to her version as the Old Witch for the live-action of snow White🇧🇷

🇧🇷[…] when I was in makeup, we worked with such an amazing team and it was the best I could imagine. I have to say that for me the transition to Old Witch was amazing because it was all real prosthetics. It’s been four hours [para a maquiagem e afins]🇧🇷 And the process of changing the voice and everything. I feel so lucky to be able to bring something to life that is so far from what I know and what I’m used to doing. And I really enjoyed every second of it.”

Starring the Golden Globe winner, Rachel Zeglerthe feature film in live action is directed by marc webbproduction of Marc Plattand the soundtrack by justin paul and Benj Pasek🇧🇷 In addition to Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen, the cast will still have Andrew Burnap🇧🇷

Previously scheduled to hit theaters in 2023, it was confirmed during the D23 that the live action of snow White it will only be released in 2024.

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