The Farm: Deborah says she feels excluded among the allies: “It’s clear”

Deborah Albuquerque opened his heart when talking about his allies in The Farm 14 this Monday (24). in conversation with Kerline Cardosothe digital influencer confessed that she does not feel fully integrated with the people in the so-called Group B. In a venting tone, she stated that she misses Shayan Haghbinwho was expelled, and said that he has not been welcomed by his confinement companions.

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🇧🇷I love the people in the group, but I don’t feel 100% welcoming like I did with Shay. The criteria is different for me as it is for Ruivinha, for Alex, for Iran, for you it is another measure“, he observed. 🇧🇷I don’t like to talk, because I’m angry. They called me a victimist and I’m pissed, don’t let me down. Shay and I were each other’s priorities“, exclaimed the redhead.

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Upon hearing her colleague’s comments, the former BBB disagreed with the woman when she stated that she was not 100% integrated into the group, just like the Iranian.“I don’t think Shay felt unwelcome”, declared Karen. Deborah then confided:“He said, to me, that sometimes you didn’t understand him”.

In the sequence, the actress also said that she sees herself as the main target of Group A after Shayan left. “Today I feel like this. Since he’s not here, the main target is me. It’s very clear, they just don’t want to give me the stage”shot.

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