To live in these 12 cities, you need a lot of money; they are expensive!

It was not just the pandemic that negatively impacted the global economy, given that the war between Ukraine and Russia created a fuel shortage. In this case, food and material goods often go up quickly, including cities that were already considered expensive. As a curiosity, it is interesting to know which are the regions in which the cost of living has increased.

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A global crisis with dire consequences

According to the United Nations (UN), the inflation affected all countries, but the poorest countries suffer the most. There are currently 71 million people living in extreme poverty, who do not reach social mobility scenarios. Efforts towards third sector organizations help, but have not been enough.

The most expensive cities

  1. Singapore (Singapore)
  2. New York (USA)
  3. Tel Aviv (Israel)
  4. Hongkong (Hongkong)
  5. Los Angeles (USA)
  6. Zurich (Switzerland)
  7. Geneva (Switzerland)
  8. San Francisco (USA)
  9. Paris, France)
  10. Copenhagen (Denmark)

The cheapest cities

  1. Colombo (Sri Lanka)
  2. Bangalore (India)
  3. Algiers (Algeria)
  4. Chennai (India)
  5. Ahmedabad (India)
  6. Almaty (Kazakhstan)
  7. Karachi (Pakistan)
  8. Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
  9. Tunis (Tunisia)
  10. Tehran (Iran)
  11. Tripoli (Libya)
  12. Damascus (Syria)

Inequality is rising

The survey was carried out with 172 cities and Moscow rose 88 positions, due to the circumstances of the war. The calculation is based on the price of basic items in these places, also evaluating the purchasing power of the population. As can be seen, the big capitals concentrate a lot of wealth and despite having a high cost of living, the inhabitants manage to maintain relative well-being.

Of course, this is not the only factor to be observed when moving to another city, for example. Safety, quality of life, climate and government are all important to consider. And you, which of these cities would you live in?

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