Trump calls for annulment of elections after Musk’s ‘Twitter Files’

Trump calls for annulment of elections after Musk's 'Twitter Files'

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Former US President donald trump (photo) defended the annulment of the 2020 elections and the extinction of the Constitution American, demanding his reappointment to the White House.

Published in Truth Sociala social network created by Trump, the Republican cites the billionaire’s revelations Elon Muskwho decided to open the black box of twitter and expose a US election scandal🇧🇷

In his publication, Trump stated that the “founding fathers” of american democracy “would not want, nor would they approve, false and fraudulent elections”🇧🇷

On Friday, Elon Musk endorsed a journalist’s long string Matthew Colin Taibbi with internal Twitter documents that show how privileged the Democratic campaign was in the race for the White House🇧🇷

The heart of the case involves the “Hunter Biden Laptop Story Suppression”. New York Post report, published in October 2020, accused Joe Biden’s son of foreign business corruption🇧🇷 The story had been based on thousands of emails found on an alleged Hunter Biden laptop.

At the time, the publication was censored by Twitter under the allegation of “spreading fake news” and violation of the Hacking Content Policy.

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