who are the owners of the little dance performed by Vini Jr.

Vini Jr. opened the scoring for the game between Brazil and South Korea in the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup. It was the Fluminense striker’s first goal in the competition and he celebrated with a little dance.

But what does the pass done alongside Neymar — who returned to the Cup today after being injured in the first game —, Lucas Paquetá and Raphinha mean?

The dance alludes to the trend of the song “Pagodão do Birimbola (Tchubirabirom)”, by the group Os Quebradeiras, formed by four boys from the North Zone of Niterói, metropolitan region of Rio. Vini Jr., by the way, was born in the neighboring city of funkeiros, São Gonçalo.

The track unites funk and axé in a reinterpretation of the 2010 hit by the group Parangolé. “It’s going to be the hit of Carnival”, said the boys in a recent interview with splash🇧🇷

It is not the first time that Neymar has choreographed Os Quebradeiras to celebrate a goal. In a recent interview to splashthe boys told that the star has already done the passinho of “Na Rebolada”, a song that has even ended up on the 9 o’clock soap opera.

“Pagodão do Birimbola (Tchubirabirom)” already has more than one million plays on Spotify and 500,000 on TikTok.

Who are The Breakers?

The group Os Quebradeiras is formed by friends Gustavinho (17 years old), RK (18), Zelé (19) and LC (23). Recently, they went viral with the song “Na Rebolada”, a success that ended up in the 9 o’clock soap opera, “Travessia”.

“Forget everything, my brother, it was great. I was very happy. It’s rare for music to be played on television like this, even more so a funk”, says Gustavo, excited, about hearing the song recorded in collaboration with DJ Zullu in the 9 o’clock soap opera.

“When it rang, my mother was watching Netflix, I took Netflix away from her, put it on Globo. She screamed and everyone screamed. Everyone was happy”, recalls RK.

Os Quebradeiras is formed by Gustavinho, RK, Zelé and LC - Alex Soeiro - Alex Soeiro

Os Quebradeiras is formed by Gustavinho, RK, Zelé and LC

Image: Alex Soeiro

Success is still a new factor for young people, but they do not deny that they are happy with the visibility they are gaining. The friends have known each other for years, have been dancing together for about four years, but have been serious about their career in funk since the end of last year. With a short artistic trajectory, they credit God with their success.

“Our name came up after an event. It was me (RK), Zelé and Lucas. Lucas already carried the name ‘LC Quebradeira’ for a while, we talked, ‘ah, let’s make a group’ and that name stuck Gustavo used to dance solo, but a little while passed and he joined the group. As soon as he arrived, our routine began of going to the studio to make music, create dance… We’re up to now”, says RK.

“The first time the four of us were together was at Espaço Hall (a venue in the West Zone of Rio). In the past, we were just dancers. We were invited to launch the passinho at a DJ show. on a big stage. From then on, the four of us stayed forever”, he adds.

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