Will PayPal charge BRL 55.00 for INACTIVE accounts? Understand!

Recently, Brazilians were faced with worrying news: PayPal, an online payments company, would be charging a fee of R$ 55 for users who leave their accounts inactive. With that, many began to wonder if this could be a reality here in the country.

Do you want to know more about fintech’s fee policy and whether it will be implemented here? So keep following us below so you don’t miss any important information on the subject!

Some Brazilians are concerned about the news of PayPal charging fees for inactive accounts. Understand better about it! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Understand the PayPal Fee Charge

First, it is true that PayPal has a policy of charging fees in some markets for users who keep their accounts inactive for more than 12 months. She has been active since 2020, but gained repercussions here in Brazil only at the end of last month. In addition, the news was spreading that the company intended to implement the function here in the country as well.

The news spread and created confusion among users, especially after the conversion of values, which pointed to a fine of BRL 55. However, according to information from fintech itself, the fee for inactivity will not be applied in Brazil, only in markets where it is already common.

To better understand how it works, only users who have a positive balance in some parts of the world are affected. In this case, they have the amount referring to the fee charged directly by the fintech, which collects the maximum ceiling of € 10.

Thus, every November 14, fintech sends a notification to customers who will be affected, warning them that they will be charged the fee, in addition to providing a period of one month for them to move their account again, so that they can avoid the discount .

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In which countries does fintech charge for inactivity?

Furthermore, the PayPal website (https://bityli.com/ZGxoRiihP) does not specify which countries are affected by the charge, only which regions it is implemented in, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and the European Union. The platform also makes it clear that in countries such as Germany, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Greece, only business accounts (i.e. excluding personal accounts) are affected by the function.

Another interesting point to highlight is that, in addition to Brazil, the United States of America also does not suffer from the charging of inactivity fees. In addition, despite the widespread confusion, it is worth mentioning that the portfolio balance function no longer exists in Brazil since August of this year, as it was canceled by the company.

At the time this happened, users had to transfer their values ​​to other bank accounts and, since that moment, it is no longer possible to leave money stored in the app. In this sense, whenever a transaction is carried out on the platform, the payer is automatically connected to another bank account of the recipient, which must be previously registered in the application.

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