Your password may be among the most used in 2022; check out!

According to the cybersecurity company NordPass, after a survey of the most common passwords in the world in the year 2022, it was detected that the most used by people is “password🇧🇷 However, although this was elected the most used, there are others that are not far behind. Check out the article and make sure your password is among the most used.

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The most used passwords in the world

As previously mentioned, the most used password in the world is “password”, whose translation is “password”. It was used 4.9 million times in 2022 and could be hacked in less than 1 second.

Considering that the other most used passwords in the world are also weak, people are very concerned about whether any of their passwords are also on this list. Check out what they are and see how long they were hacked:

  1. Password: less than 1 second
  2. 123456: less than 1 second
  3. 123456789: less than 1 second
  4. guest: 10 seconds
  5. qwerty: less than 1 second
  6. 12345678: less than 1 second
  7. 111111: less than 1 second
  8. 12345: less than 1 second
  9. Col123456: less than 11 seconds
  10. 123123: less than 1 second

Also according to NordPass, movie releases in theaters and the most used applications at the moment have a high power to influence the creation of passwords.

For example, the name “enchantment” was used 10,808 times as a password, as well as “batman”, which reached an absurd number of 2,562,776 passwords. Among those named after apps, the one that stands out the most is the one named “Tinder”, which was used around 36,384 times.

How to protect myself?

If you use any of the passwords mentioned above, know that you are not safe on the networks! So, now that you know what they are, choose to change your password urgently.

Here’s how you can choose a secure password:

  • Opt for passwords with 8 or more characters;
  • Include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols;
  • Try leaving a different password on each account you use.

Another important thing to do is always avoid the obvious, that is, birthdays, full names or things related to your personal life.

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