Zuckeberg joins Musk in battle against Apple

Zuckeberg takes advantage of Musk's criticism to make his own comments on Apple's policies (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Zuckeberg leverages Musk’s criticism to make his own comments on Apple policies (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

  • Meta’s CEO criticized Apple’s ironclad control over its devices;

  • According to Musk, Apple would have threatened to remove Twitter from its App Store;

  • Zuckerberg stated that Apple’s policy results in a conflict of interest.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and chief executive of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, joined Elon Musk’s attack on Apple. Both heads of social media companies were critical of the tight control the iPhone maker has over what is allowed on its devices.

Earlier this week Musk lashed out at Apple for taxing every digital purchase made on the iPhone, for stopping advertising on Twitter and for suggesting pulling Twitter out of the App Store. On that last statement, neither the billionaire nor the company managed by Tim Cook made new comments, on social networks they have already been deleted from the App Store in the past for not properly moderating their content.

Zuckerberg then joined in the attack, claiming that Apple’s “platform control” allows them to pursue their own interests. For the billionaire creator of Facebook, “companies having to make their applications available exclusively through platforms controlled by their competitors” is a conflict of interest.

Meta’s CEO also stated that Apple is the only company “that is trying to unilaterally control what apps go on the device and I don’t think that’s sustainable or a good place to be.” In contrast, cell phones with operating systems from Microsoft and Google allow the installation of applications without having been downloaded from their respective application stores.

Repeatedly Apple defends its policy, stating that the fees charged for each purchase are necessary to finance its strict moderation, that it evaluates all applications that enter its App Store, and that it allows the so-called sideloading, the installation of applications outside the official store. , would weaken security.

Zuckerberg’s Meta has had some issues with Apple in recent years. ATT, or Application Tracking Transparency, introduced by the iPhone developer made it more difficult for developers to obtain usage information from phones, significantly cutting advertising revenue for Meta, which lost billions as a result.

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