3 Myths About Baldness And Why It’s Not ‘Necessarily Bad’, According To Experts

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Top of a bald man's head, who looks down and places his hands on his head, looking worried

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The search for baldness solutions does not come from today, but from centuries.

It is known that, almost 2 thousand years ago, the Greek Hippocrates — considered the father of modern medicine for having been the first to separate his scientific observations from the religious beliefs then in force — began to observe the functioning of hair, testing ways to reverse its fall.

Although we now understand much better how the hair system works, there are still many misconceptions that are repeated about hair loss — that “it’s not necessarily a bad thing,” says Carolyn Goh, a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss and scalp disorders. hairy.

In addition to researching this body part at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Goh in particular was diagnosed with alopecia areata, which occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles.

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