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the network of deductibles Vegan Butchery is about to take a big step to quintuple its production capacity and help boost its expansion: the brand is investing around BRL 800,000 to open a new factory in Maricá (RJ), in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, which should be inaugurated by February 2023. With the investment, the chain intends to support the opening of another 25 franchises in 2023 and reach a turnover of R$ 10 million next year.

The idea is that the manufacturing point will help Açougue Vegano advance in the production of gluten-free items, an old desire of the company. In addition, the idea is to approach and train small local producers. Currently, the chain has a factory in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, far from community production centers.

“We want to increase the supplier network, encourage the emergence of new ones and bring them closer to our conveyor belt. Instead of delivering the tomato, for example, they can deliver the tomato sauce like we use. We want to share the wealth at all stages of production”, says Celso Fortes, CEO and founding partner of Açougue Vegano.

The new factory should also help expand the brand’s presence in the retail🇧🇷 Currently, the chain sells frozen products in its own stores and in some partner establishments. Revenue from this front corresponds to 10% of the total collected. The expectation is that it will rise to up to 30%. “The supermarkets would call and we would deliver. Now we can have a more active retail sale. We will have a production capacity five times greater than what we have today.” However, Fortes says that the priority is the franchises.

Açougue Vegano was founded in 2016 by Fortes and entrepreneur Michelle Rodriguez, with the aim of helping to spread vegan meals in Brazil. The stores function as restaurants, with some products from an emporium. The highlights of the menu are coxinha de jackfruit🇧🇷 soy skewer🇧🇷 vegan feijoada and plantain moqueca🇧🇷 The brand entered the franchise system in 2019 and currently has more than ten units in operation.

The entrepreneur adds that three more stores should be opened in the coming weeks and there are plans for another 25 for 2023. By March, two larger units, with an emporium profile, should be opened in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. “It’s a format designed for large centers, where people can have easy access to convenience items”, he explains.

Coxinha de jackfruit from the Vegan Butchery — Photo: Hilton Souza

Fortes says that more than half of the customers (58%) are not vegetarians or vegans, but people who are curious to know this universe. “They’re after different experiences,” she says. Understanding this helped the company realize that the competition is broader than they imagined: “Today a Bob’s or one Burger King offer plant snacks. We need to protect ourselves, with a more competitive price, ”she says.

Soy skewer from the Vegan Açougue — Photo: Hilton Souza

The billing projected for this year is R$ 7 million, more than double the R$ 3.2 million raised last year. According to Fortes, 2022 has been a year of growth, but “full of challenges”, due to inflationary pressures and the adverse economic scenario. The forecast for 2023, with the boost of the new factory, the decentralization of production and the inaugurations is to reach R$ 10 million.

The initial investment to become a franchisee of the Açougue Vegano restaurant starts at R$ 220,000, and can reach R$ 300,000. The expected return on investment period is up to 36 months. The brand also works with the dark kitchen format (only for delivery). For this model, the initial contribution starts at BRL 80,000, with an expected return in up to 36 months.

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